The business development system known as Market America is now a proven means for starting up your unfranchise business. It’s easier than ever before to register your business and join Market America to begin reaping the benefits of the many tools, resources, and expertise available once you sign up. Whether you wish to earn extra residual income or prepare for your retirement, Market America was designed with you in mind.

You will be given the option to start out as either a sales representative or a distributor. The option of becoming a sales representative requires no cost and allows you to make money buy purchasing products and services wholesale then distributing them at retail prices. This option does not, however, allow you to leverage your time and participate in the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP). The option to join Market America as a distributor requires you to pay a subscription fee of $129.95 for the first year and $99.95 for each additional year. This option also allows you to leverage your time and participate in the Management Performance Compensation Plan.

To join Market America and earn residual income, you will be advised to invest in 200 BV worth of products if you are looking at starting out with one business development center. You can also make a $300 investment if you would like to start out with 3 business development centers. This last option is recommended because it allows you to fully leverage your efforts and maximize your earning potential. The total cost to join Market America currently ranges from $450 to $625 depending on the business centers you choose, the corresponding BV purchase requirements, and the products you order for your initial order. Signing up is very easy and can be accomplished in three simple steps.

First, decide if you want to join as a registered business owner who can earn residual income or if you want to join Market America as a distributor, who receives a discount but no residual income from your teams’ sales. Second, your contact information is needed — name, email, address. Third, you need to order and pay for your initial order of products. This is what you will start selling, but you can always change it later. Once you join Market America, you will be able to sign in and begin taking advantage of being a business owner. By joining, you will be able to follow a proven business plan and receive a variety of valuable tools designed to help you reach your residual income goals.

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