• Query Metrics to Help Optimize Database Applications

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    Ideally, the efficiency of an application is optimized at the design stage, when the application is just being created. It is much cheaper and easier to make changes to an application at the conceptualization and coding stage. However, in most cases, an application that needs to be made more efficient is already in existence. Furthermore, usually the application is already under use, and a total redesign is not an available option. In this case, it becomes important to be able to identify which areas or aspects of the application are contributing to its inefficiency.

    Now, for database applications, no matter how complicated its structure might be, the core performance issues usually arise at the database level. That is, the efficiency of database access more or less determines the overall application performance. Accessing the database, especially if the database is very large and accessed many times, is the most demanding task.

    It then becomes important to consider the relevant metrics regarding queries in order to trace database performance. By looking at how well the various running queries are performing, it becomes possible to determine whether any inefficient behavior is occurring. It also becomes possible to pinpoint any inefficient behavior right to their source, to the type of queries that slow down database performance.

    One common problem that arises in SQL databases is what is known as “session blocking”. This occurs when two separate SQL sessions attempt to access the same block of data simultaneously, while also putting a lock on this data. Then one session would have to wait until the other releases the data to be accessible to others again. Session blocking can be determined by querying the sysprocesses table. Patterns and the various metrics can be obtained, and the session blocking behavior can be traced to its root.

  • Are You Really Making Passive Income From Home

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    You just have to follow the rules, act smart and take action accordingly to create your own passive income generators online. Here you will explore more about making a passive online income like the expert internet marketers! The steps are easy and simple; but you have to find the right way to use the methods. Once you’ve started using things in the right way, you will soon start making money like a pro!

    Are you really making passive income online?: Just ask yourself!

    If you are spending hours to maintain your business online, you’re definitely not running a passive business model. However, you can easily convert your business model and make it a passive income stream. You just need a complete strategy to deal with the business model and optimize that accordingly. Here you will explore why and how you should convert your business architecture and convert that into a REAL passive income stream:

    #1 passive earning streams can set you financially FREE

    A passive business can help you enjoy the ultimate financial freedom. Even if you’re engaged in a day to day job, a passive business can help you save more money and enjoy more time on the vacations. You can secure your future and stay away from the adverse effects of the economic recessions. More importantly, you can think about being creative, making experiments and new moves in your life! A passive business can make your life more exciting than ever before!

    #2 once you can convert your business model, you can focus on other business

    Running a passive business is fun; you can think about launching another business venture. You can think about playing with your ideas and make experiments with different methods. At the same time you can rinse and repeat the same thing to maximize your earnings. If you can take action like a pro, you can double, triple or make even more money using the same method and strategy!

    #3 recruit people and divide the responsibilities to create a successful passive business model

    Finally, you can think about increasing your productivity and share the revenues with some recruits. You can hire some people and divide your responsibilities. Thus you can convert your regular business into a passive business model. This won’t be so easy as you will need to find the right strategy, best recruits and a long term line up for maintaining the business – but this can help your business optimize properly and you can setup your passive business model successfully this way!

  • Which Company Program Do I Join?

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    1. Join a business which offers real and viable products.

    How do you know this? Ask a member who is currently working for your chosen company. Many internet marketers can be located on Facebook and would be happy to share any information needed. Go to Facebook and type in Internet Marketing groups into the search engine. There are a lot of active members within the groups on Facebook. Another way is to look up the name of the company in the Better Business Bureau.

    2. Join a business that interests you.

    It is a good idea to purchase the products first to see if it is something that you would enjoy purchasing. The chances are others will see the value in your products if you do.

    3. Join a business that is of high quality.

    Make sure they have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, reputable products and website and professional internet marketers.

    4. Join a business that is catering to a growing target market.

    Make sure that your company has a lot of products that appeal to a growing target market or a large population. A sign of a good company is that it is continuing to grow.

    5. Join a business that pays out a residual income and a payout of 40% or more.

    There are many companies; join a company that will reward you substantially for your efforts. Believe me you have to work hard to make sales.

    6. Join a business that does not have quotas and sales target which are too difficult to achieve.